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The Book is done but the Author’s not finished



Looking for answers about life? If you’ve come to read about a writer who has it all together and writes from the perspective of being a high achiever who has all the answers – let me break it to you gently – I’m looking for someone like that myself. Here you’ll read about finished books and an author who’s still a work in progress. 


Before you click the mouse and close the page, consider the following.  Do you ever stop to think about whether you’re broken?  Do you hide behind a façade of achievements, self-reliance, and feigned strength?  Deep down inside, do you realize most of your successes are just part of a front that you keep up for appearances? I use to, and is was a sign that I was in deep trouble – spiritually.  Take a look at Final Departure where I talk about the I-love-me walls that many of us in law enforcement and national security work erect as monuments to our “wonderful” selves.  I had put myself up on a pedestal so that I could not see the real me lying on the ground – damaged, proud and hurting.


But God has a funny way of doing things.  The most creative and imaginative Being in the universe has ways of getting through to people like me who were seeking help with feeble cries that were barely audible through a veneer of self-sufficiency.  Through his Word and through other people who take his Word seriously, he has torn down my false front – piece by piece – and allowed me to see myself in all my brokenness. My sinful inclinations, my pride, my selfishness were all there in plain sight for me to see.  It wasn’t pretty, but through the love of God, and using His strength, I got back up and started to allow Him to repair the damage. My wife has been part of my rebuilding process.  Remember Connie from Final Departure?  Of that’s right, it was fiction – never mind.  But seriously, when some of the restoration work was done, I started to clear my head, and when I had some semblance of sanity and presence of mind, I asked Him, “How can I serve you?”  This blog, my tweets, and my follow-on books will be my very small effort to honor our loving God and his son and my savior, Jesus Christ, and possibly help others who haven’t figured out how to get off their pedestal yet.  Join me on a journey that we can take together. You might even have some fun along the way!







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