Jeff Walton: NCIS Veteran Provides Facts to Support Faith

We live in a world of two opposing forces: good vs evil.

If we weighed all the evidence, what conclusion would we come to about whether God, heaven, and hell exist? 

The battle over what is true is more polarizing than ever, complicated by the constant flow of untested information into our lives that tends to shorten our attention spans and cloud our judgment.

Jeff Walton stands for reality, not religion. 

As a follower of Jesus Christ, he uses his experience from nearly 35 years of national security and federal law enforcement work to analyze and evaluate information that he passes on to you. 

He believes a mountain of evidence exists that confirms there is an afterlife and we do have a loving, just and holy Creator.  He also believes forces of evil are at work to suppress or distort the evidence.

Our level of awakening in this life will determine where we go in the next. 

Jeff Walton feels an intense need to forewarn people about the consequences of failing to think deeply about the most important choice we’ll ever make – whether we believe in and follow God.


Jeff Walton
Special Agent (retired)
& Author

Divine Return


Divine Return picks up where award-winning Final Departure left off… A phone call from a dead friend? Dan Lucas never fully recovered from the shock. But in his former line of work, NCIS, Dan had learned how to brush off death and deception. Until now… Confronted with a man who’d mysteriously come back to life, he has to tell the world about the reality of life after death and the Kingdom of God. But on the way to trumpeting the truth, he gets pulled into the dark and evil world of the satanic elite. Can he save his friend's son, who’s marked for death? Can he convince a pastor of a failing church that he has to preach that the world is coming to an end to save it? Can he...more


Final Departure

Turned off by organized religion? Not sure that God exists? I had the same doubts and feelings not too long ago. That all changed in 2010, when I read a book that turned my world upside down. Suddenly, it was as if God had switched on the lights and I could see. When I looked at myself and realized how I had lived, I was shocked. I had turned my back on God and become totally self-centered. I didn’t know what to do, so I fell back on my training and experience from my NCIS special agent days and started to dig. I had to have answers. Was my newfound faith based on reality or just wishful thinking?



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New Christian Suspense - The Sequel to Final Departure is Here!
7/10/2020 9:23:00 PM BY Jeff Walton

Are heaven and hell only mythological places?  Can someone go to hell and come back? 


In the sequel to my novel Final Departure, I plunge the reader into the mysteries of near-death experiences, satanic-ritual abuse, and the murderous global elite.  While the story I deliver in Divine Return: Death Is Never The End, is fictional, the underlying message is based on facts.


Drawing on experiences from my three-decade career as an NCIS special agent, I infuse the determination and analytical mindset of a veteran counterintelligence expert into Dan Lucas, NCIS special agent, retired, and near-death-experience expert. 


The story begins with Dan being confronted with the real-world near-death-experiences of a close friend who claims he met Jesus.  The shocking revelations of his buddy confirm Dan’s research and help bolster his resolve to present the evidence about life after death in his first book.  His fledgling writing efforts are cut short, however, when a series of jarring events pull Dan into several different but strangely related directions.


Dan's passion for spotlighting the truth of God's inspired word is first tested when he attempts to help a struggling pastor add power and accuracy to his sermons to save his cash-strapped church. Along the way, Dan heeds his friend's desperate plea to rescue his long-lost son from satanic murderers. At the same time, he attempts to help a law enforcement friend unravel the secrets of a bizarre child homicide.  His efforts on both fronts uncover the horrific abuse of a forgotten child and expose the attempts of followers of Satan to dominate the world. 


My purpose in writing Divine Return was fourfold.  First, I wanted to highlight the reality of near-death-experiences and their utility in exposing truths about the supernatural world clearly documented in the Bible.  Secondly, through my story, I wanted to expose the evil activities of satanic groups around the world and their insidious acts that claim the lives of countless children every year.  Thirdly I wanted to introduce readers to some of the ignored portions of scripture that can shed light on what may be happening in the world today. Lastly, I wanted to underscore the fundamental truth of Jesus Christ's existence and his unique role as the savior of mankind.


Divine Return will ask you to examine your knowledge of what’s really written in the Bible and how it’s unfolding in the world around you right before your eyes.