Divine Return


Divine Return picks up where award-winning Final Departure left off… A phone call from a dead friend? Dan Lucas never fully recovered from the shock. But in his former line of work, NCIS, Dan had learned how to brush off death and deception. Until now… Confronted with a man who’d mysteriously come back to life, he has to tell the world about the reality of life after death and the Kingdom of God. But on the way to trumpeting the truth, he gets pulled into the dark and evil world of the satanic elite. Can he save his friend's son, who’s marked for death? Can he convince a pastor of a failing church that he has to preach that the world is coming to an end to save it? Can he force himself to stand tall and reveal the evidence from the past that foretells the future – a warning that all need to hear? Can he expose the evil that’s hiding in plain sight? Dan rises to each challenge but has some unexpected help along the way. Does Dan pull it off – and if so - how?”

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