A Call to Action - Time to Pray for Our Nation!
Tuesday, August 25, 2020 by Jeff Walton

The time for the body of Christ to act is NOW!


We can all see the crime and chaos sweeping our cities.  Anarchists loot, assault, burn, and destroy.  Citizen attacks citizen and many leaders responsible for keeping their constituents safe have turned their backs on those who have voted them into office.  Elected politicians are defunding police, ignoring crime, and not holding criminals accountable.  The result has been wanton lawlessness, death, and destruction.


Why are some of our cities under attack and our citizens threatened?  The causes are a complex mixture of forces at work, but the root of all is evil – supernatural evil that emanates from the realm that we can't see – the second heaven.  Satan and his powers and principalities are unleashing a torrent of demonic forces who are instigating murder and mayhem through those human beings who have no relationship with God. 


How do we confront evil?  PRAY!! And not just any prayers but specific prayers to our Holy Father for Him to restore justice in our country and protect our land.


We should:


  • Pray that righteousness reigns and declare that evil spirits are banished from our nation.


  • Repent on behalf of our nation for the sins that we have, collectively, committed, and that includes the legalization of abortion.  I'll not belabor a divisive topic here but consider that a fetus has DNA that is different from the mother.  The child has its own identity and is not a mere extension of the mother’s body.


  • Pray for our justice system and those who administer it, starting with Attorney General William Barr.  Regardless of your political affiliation, pray that our justices, judges, and prosecutors act with righteous intent. Pray for the protection of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. You are not making a political prayer but a prayer for truth and justice. 


  • Pray for all evildoers to be unmasked in our country.  Pray that those who commit evil acts are exposed, arrested, and prosecuted, and pray the supernatural ties of evil entities to our nation to be cut off at the roots.


  • Pray that all evil spirits and demons fomenting violence be bound. Pray that the rich and powerful in our government and Hollywood who have made pacts with the higher evil powers be bound and their crimes be exposed and punished.


  • Pray that no new diseases be created, modified, and weaponized against us.


  • Put aside your partisan political views and pray for our president, vice president, and their administration. 


They are the elected leaders of us all, and if they succeed, we all prosper, and if they fail, we all suffer.  It's time to unite.  You can still vote your preference in November, but as Christians, we should vote for the candidates who stand for upholding life, liberty, and freedom.


Most of all, thank God for all the good that we have in our lives.  Father God is NOT unleashing the evil sweeping our country, but he will stop it IF we humble ourselves and pray for Him to restore our great nation and convict the hearts of those in power.


The time to act is NOW!




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Michael J Hagan From Moorestown NJ At 8/4/2021 5:28:35 PM

I am a WCU grad 1979 who experienced a full blown Afterlife experience 2007/ cardiac arrest an resuscitation. I would love to talk to you or have you interview me on the topic . I have 11 years of research on the topic and have been asked to do talks on the topic worldwide .

Reply by: Jeff Walton

Michael, thank you for reaching out and I would love to talk with you. I will reach out and connect via email.

Carla From Florida At 8/31/2020 7:48:14 PM

Agree with your assessment of what we need to pray for because of what’s at stake for this great nation.

Reply by: Jeff Walton

Thanks for the feedback.

Bruce From Florida At 8/26/2020 10:34:53 AM

Very timely message, Thank you for reminding us to pray for our leaders.

Reply by: Jeff Walton

Thanks for the feedback.

Tessie From Florida At 8/26/2020 5:12:44 AM

Very powerful words that make sense to me as a Christian. We need help from the all-powerful God and we need it now to heal the country and the world.

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