Heaven Revealed Hell Exposed
by Donna Rigney

A powerful yet gracefully presented series of visions about the horrors of hell and the indescribable beauty of heaven. Donna Rigney's uplifting work is unique because no other book is so comprehensive book in revealing the heart of the Lord and His thoughts. Priceless words to guide you.


The Moses Controversy
by Michael Mahoney

Can you trust the Bible? Timothy Mahoney's investigative documentary is an outstanding film that presents compelling evidence that confirms that Moses did write the first books of the Bible.


A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion
By: B.W. Melvin

An incredible account of Bryan Melvin's extensive tour of hell during a lengthy NDE. Melvin's gut-wrenching account is sure to sear the conscience of even the most jaded reader. He is the first and only NDE witness to describe the cubical cell structure of the main spiral pit of hell. He also recounts the frequent spiritual downloads of messages from a supernatural source that explained why the place of torment exists. From militant atheist to Christian evangelist, Melvin describes a harrowing event that forever changed his life.


Imagine Heaven
By: John Burke

A fascinating and comprehensive study of near-death experiences (NDEs) from the perspective of a Christian theologian. John Burke is the first Christian pastor to take a researcher's approach to examining NDEs and correlating them with the contents of the Bible. His study delves into NDE witness' journeys to both heaven and hell. Imagine Heaven is a superbly written and well-documented read.


Near-Death Experiences: As Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven
By: J. Steven Miller

One of the best studies of NDEs written from a scientific perspective in laymen's terms. Although an overview, Miller exams virtually every important facet of a growing field of scientific study and draws the logical conclusion that NDEs do provide evidence for the existence of God and heaven. The book is easy to read and very well-documented.


Heaven, An Unexpected Journey
by Jim Woodford

A captivating account of a near-death-experience journey to the edge of hell and on to center of heaven. Former commercial pilot Jim Woodford provides a fascinating description of being escorted by a trio of angels through heaven to an encounter with Jesus Christ. His description of the insightful wisdom passed on by the angels and his use of scripture to illuminate the lessons he learned makes the book a must-read.


23 Minutes in Hell
By: Bill Wiese

A gripping account of Bill Wiese's out-of-body experience that took him to hell and culminated in his rescue by Jesus Christ. A compelling testimony of a horrific supernatural experience that gives insights into the physical miseries of a place that many deny exists. Wiese, who understands some might not believe his sensational story, has become an expert on the passages of scripture that confirm the existence of hell and why it is a place of supreme misery and torment.


My Time in Heaven
By: Richard Sigmund

Probably the best book about heaven from a NDE witness' perspective, Sigmund documents in stunning detail the nearly indescribable beauties and wonders of heaven and his numerous personal interactions with Jesus Christ and his visit to the throne of God. He also describes a brief tour of hell. The book is a spectacular travelogue of the most beautiful place in the universe inhabited by our loving and just Creator.